Dental Implant Treatment in Ankara

Dental Implant Treatment in Ankara


What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is a product of technology developed to replace lost teeth prosthetically. The lost teeth can be replaced by placing titanium pieces imitating the tooth root into the jawbone and applying prostheses over the implants, through which we are able to fulfil our patients’ needs for chewing, speaking and aesthetics. The prosthesis should be applied after the following steps; the planning should be made with a prosthetic approach, the implant should be placed by projection of the periodontal tissues, and gingivoplasty should be applied before the prosthetic loading. When these steps are not carefully followed, long-term failure of the implants is inevitable.

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The Success of an Implant

Many parameters affect the success of the implants, such as; the number of implants and the areas where they are placed, the quality of the jawbone, the precision of the implant surgery, sterilization of the environment of the surgery, the doctor’s experience, the brand of the implant applied, the design of the prosthesis applied on the implants and the quality of the prosthetic material.

For the gap that will occur when the tooth extraction is planned, prosthesis planning should be carried out at the beginning of the treatment. Early planning has many advantages. For example, implants can be placed during the tooth extraction operation. This procedure is called “immediate implantation”. The extraction socket serves as a guide for the insertion angle of the implant; and with the prosthesis to be placed on the implant, we can better imitate the patient’s extracted natural tooth.

While the prosthesis can be applied on the implant after 3 months, it can also be applied by “immediate (instant) loading” protocol immediately after the implant surgery in certain cases. This ensures that the patients do not spend time without their tooth, and temporary prostheses are used immediately after the implant

While fixed prosthesis (crown or bridge) can be applied on the implant, we can also apply hybrid prosthesis in certain cases due to excessive loss of bone and soft tissue. By using hybrid prosthesis in certain cases, we can obtain the aesthetic appearance that we cannot achieve with a fixed prosthesis more easily. Hybrid prostheses are also fixed in the patient’s mouth, but as the name suggests, they are produced by using various materials together.

In cases of toothlessness / edentulism, we apply traditional full prosthesis or partially removable prosthesis without implants, which many patients describe as “dentures”, and thanks to the advanced implant technology, we can also apply implant-supported removable or fixed prosthesis. After the implant surgery, we ensure that our patients do not spend even one day without teeth by using temporary prostheses for the duration of osteointegration (implant-bone connection), fulfilling their needs for chewing, phonation and aesthetics.